Food Links Dump

I've been collecting food and science links, the intention being that I would write a "food in the news" post once a week. That obviously never happened recently. So here is all the links I've collected recently, so that I can empty my links folder and start all over again. A sort of Cat's Carnival of links.

Fast Food Nation movie links:

Guardian article

Trailer on YouTube

Science links:

New amino acid in the genetic code Part 1

Part 2

Protein synthesis rap (from Alex at Daily Transcript)

Relating to my interests in how we taste food is Cognitive Daily's article on the interaction between taste and smell


Food Faddism

Food Police and kids

Food blogs:

megnut (I'll get round to adding this to my blog roll eventually)

As recommended by the Guardian

Organic food:


Whole Foods response to Michael Pollan

Michael Pollan on Walmart selling organic food

Food Choice and availability:

Dumbing down cookbooks from Uncertain Principles

Overwhelmed with choice

Cocktail hour from Dr Free-ride and also should we breast feed?

How much water should we drink (relating to my own article on water intake)?

Experiments not to try at home:

Via Aetiology: More coke and mentos fun