Music Stuff

I've started voice lessons again. I am really pleased with the progress that I made while off. I was worried that my seven month hiatus when I was too tired to drive to Philadelphia would mean that I had lost ground, but it seems that I consolidated what I previously learnt. This week we spent the whole lesson discussing how I should organize my practice as I'm making the leap from beginner (15 min/day) to intermediate (30+ min/day) and wanted my practice to be more focussed and less repetitive. We also set goals; technical and vocal goals. My technical goal was better recognition – I want to know when something is a third/fourth etc. My vocal goal was confidence as I want to be able to get up and sing when some asks me rather than getting all shy about it and my throat seizing up!

Clearwater Festival to see, yeah, The Mammals! And Pete Seeger, Janis Ian, Michele Shocked and to do lots of singing and dancing. There are three sets by the Mammals as far as I can see and I am looking forward to some of the sing-alongs. I had a momentary crisis trying to find some where to stay as it turns out that the US Open is on the same weekend. No wonder all the hotels were booked up. We've ended up in Peekskill at a motel. I 'll let you know what that's like.

In July, Old School Freight Train are coming to Longwood Gardens. They are also at Sellersville Theater, but I get a day at Longwood and then OFST. Sounds like a good way to spend a Saturday to me 😉

In August, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones are coming to Penn's Landing and also Baltimore. I haven't organized tickets yet, but I will be going if I'm any where nearby. In fact the only thing likely to stop me is if I go home to the UK at the same time as their concert.