Food News

Here are some food news items I saw and haven't had time to read or comment on:

The Beeb repports that aspartame has been shown NOT to be linked to cancer by the European Food Safety Authority.

Is obesity a sign of depression? asks Hedwig, aka Grrlscientist.

If you want to lose weight you could try looking at Random Squares to stop you thinking about food suggests Dave Munger at Cognitive Daily.

What does the Organic label really mean? asks Melinda Wenner at Stochastic after reading the New Yorker article by Steven Shapin and Michael Pollan's article in Mother Jones.

Tara at Aetiology reminds us that tomorrow (Sat May 13) is STAMP OUT HUNGER Day.

Evologen reports on a New York Times article where bartenders are using molecular mixology to make cool and interesting drinks.

Also the 9th teaching carnival is posted by Dr Freeride. Lots of interesting articles from the tertiary education perspective.

That's all I saw, post in the comments if you saw anything else food related.