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30 Apr 2006

One Last Poem

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I had to decide which one to include. I wanted to use Dylan Thomas's Don't Go Gentle into that Good Night. But it is a little depressing for a last poem. But the link takes you to reading of it by Mr Thomas himself.

So what last poem?

I think I have to end with this one by Attila the Stockbroker, which I heard him perform in Leeds, oh back in 1994 or something. If you get the chance to see him, go to a performance.

Rain (Attila the Stockbroker)


is Grass.

The flooded lake

is a summer meadow.

So you, my darling,

being seven-tenths water,

are a cricket pitch.

And I am the heavy roller

in the morning dew.


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  1. […] We all know, at least I hope we do, that we are mostly water. Check Attila the Stockbrocker's poem if you not sure about that! Water is good for us as it is required for major bodily functions such as circulating solutes, oxygen and wastes. It also helps with temperature regulation, hence we sweat when we are too hot as the evaporation process helps us cool down. It also acts a cushion for our organs and tissues. […]

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