Ag Day and ABC Meme about me!

It is Ag Day tomorrow and my office is full of chips, sodas, buns for the Food Science Club’s Barbeque. If you are in Newark DE tomorrow come by and say hi to the food scientists and buy some of their wares. Otherwise I will have to eat them for the rest of the semester. I’m vegetarian so I’m not keen on hotdogs and Italian sausages.

Meanwhile as a distraction from the article I am struggling to write, I’ve got sucked into the meme from Dr Free-ride.

Accent: English, with words said a little more clearly and slowly so Americans can understand me.

Booze: Sadly, alcohol triggers sinusitis. I love whisky, especially after a cold wet day walking. I also like a good glass of dry Gewürztraminer from Alsace Lorraine not from California.

Chore I Hate: Ironing, it makes me angry. Really, really angry.

Dog or Cat: Cat

Essential Electronics: Treos – I like doing crosswords on it. Creative Zen mp3 player. Digital camera. Computer to download to and from.

Favorite Cologne: Aaatishoo, did some one say cologne, sniffle. Atishooo? Pass those tissues

Gold or Silver: Neither.

Hometown: Birmingham, England

Insomnia: Never.

Job Title: Assistant professor, food science

Kids: Nope

Living arrangements: Split level ranch, which me and the cat rattle around in. Good sized garden, but too suburban for me

Most admirable traits: Humor and optimism.

Not going to cop to: Is this English?

Overnight hospital stays: At the age of 4 – squint straightened in my right eye. Uterine fibroids removed in 1998; hemicolonectomy last Oct

Phobias: This one is weird, but I get nervous crossing streams, even itsy bitsy ones where the water wouldn’t even go over the top of my boot. I guess phobias are illogical. Also getting anything in my eyes. I had lots of drops when I was younger. This left me very squeamish about things in eyes. Please stop poking your contact lens, pulease.

Quote: "Don’t dream it, be it!"

Religion: None.

Siblings: Older brother, who has two kids.
Time I wake up: Usually around 6.30 am.

Unusual talent or skill: Matching colors together. I’m really good at it!

Vegetable I love: Most of them. I love vegetables.

Worst habit: Keeping focused and not worrying about detail

X-rays: Ankle, arm, chest, etc. Actually, the chest x-ray was for my green card. My TB test came out positive as I had a TB injection as a teenager. All teens did in Britain. The doctor said that all Brits and Indians have positive reactions to TB because of their vaccination.

Yummy foods I make: Dark chocolate ice cream, blackcurrant sorbet, veggie pasta dishes, celery and stilton soup, anything I cook is good.

Zodiac sign: Aries



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  1. It was grafitti on a bridge in York, England when I was living there. I’ve never actually seen the movie!

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