A Poem

It is National Poetry Month and I realised that I should share at least one poem with you.

This is the first poem I ever read and it converted me to poetry ever since. This section is in a children's poetry book called "Four Feet and Two" complied by Leila Berg by Puffin in 1970 (I am really showing my age here; except I couldn't read in 1970). Amazon.com


The Meeting by Clifford Dyment


Over the grass a hedgehog came

Questing the air for scents of food

And the cracked twig of danger.

He shuffled near in the gloom. Then stopped.

He was aware of me. I went up,

Bent low to look at him, and saw

His coat of lances pointing to my hand.

What could I do

To show I was no enemy?

I turned him over, inspected his small clenched paws,

His eyes expressionless of glass,

And did not know how I could speak,

By tongue of touch, the language of a friend.


It was grief to be a friend

Yet to be dumb; to offer peace

And bring the soldiers out…

(From Hedgehog in an Air Raid).


To tell the truth, I have never read the whole poem it came from. I once tried to find it, with no luck.




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