The Mammals are coming and Food News

Tomorrow (Friday) at the Tin Angel in Philadelphia, my favorite folk-rock band, The Mammals, are playing. Come on out for a good time.

On the science front, I'm busy with lectures and writing articles. I hope to get a post on food chemistry written at the weekend, weather permitting. With the weather being so nice, I just want to be in the garden.

There have been some interesting food science blog postings by others – I like to think I am raising awareness about food science. Try:

Aetiology has been discussing nature vs. nurture on obesity and carried on the discussion to a new post. If any one is interested in calculating their BMI, here is a calculator. I have serious issues with BMI as mine is 27 so I count as overweight. Which may or may not be true but if I am, many people must be seriously obese!

Pharyngula tells us why seafood might reduce anti-social behavior. For those vegetarians concerned that they can't benefit from omega-3 fatty acids in seafood. There is always flaxseed.

Dr Freeride at Adventures in Ethics and Science wonders if grilling results in carcinogens. This is a seasonal favorite and the topic I hope to post on next.

I just need longer than my lunch hour. BTW – poppy seed bagels are the pits, I have seeds everywhere.

Update: Stochastic, the Seed Editors blog, are even joining in with the post about beer of the future.