Mendelssohn Concert Sun @ 3 pm

Such a busy week. Not only did I have to get ready for classes after Spring break, but this weekend my choir, UD Schola Contorum, has a concert with UD Orchestra. We are singing Mendelssohn's Lobgesang (Hymn of Praise) which was written as a musical celebration for the quatercentenary of the Gutenberg's Printing Press. It is, for me, a very difficult piece of music as the direction the music is going unexpectedly changes. The text is quite repetitive until it isn't. I have to keep my concentration when I singing this piece.

I am very excited to be singing with the orchestra, their director, Dr Brian Stone, and with the soloists, one of whom is Nicole Clouser who was our music director for the Beethoven's Mass in C which was performed in January.

So, if you are in the Newark, Delaware on Sunday at 3 pm, come and hear us. It promises to be a blast. We are performing in Mitchell Hall. If you want to try and get tickets beforehand, always a good idea, call: 302 UD1 HENS.

Hymn of Praise

Sunday, April 9th, 8pm: Mitchell Hall

Mendelssohn Lobgesang

Dr. Marie Robinson, soprano

Ms. Nicole Clouser, soprano

Mr. Gary Seydell, tenor

UD Schola Cantorum, Dr. Paul D. Head, director


Update (Mon 10th April). The concert was fantastic. The two music directors and soloists were dancing the the wings and high fiving afterwards. It was great to sing with the orchestra. Even better than at Saturday's dress rehearsal as I even managed to get through the few spots where I couldn't find my way before. At one point in Movement 8, PDH had said pull out the stops, like with a pipe organ. It was a great moment when the whole choir did just that.

If you weren't there, you missed a treat, and should try to get to Schola's next concert with Delaware Symphony Orchestra (May 19 & 20th).