Zen quote of the month

Back from the American Chemical Society meeting full of new research ideas and information for this blog.

I am currently busy with research as it is Spring Break and I get to play. I spent yesterday afternoon wandering around the lab and muttering about things being out of place. Oh well, that is the problem of having surgery and not doing research for nearly five months. I was happy to start again, when I found everything, eventually. And did the washing up and put the glassware away, and…and…

I am very grateful to my first graduate student who suffered from mild obsessive compulsive disorder. Fortunately, he used this to my advantage, as most of my shelves, drawers and cupboards are labeled and everything has its place. I don't think I would have every been that organized or worried about detail, without his help.

The quote from my Zen calendar comes from the very begining of the month:

"If you choose a job that you like, you will never have to work a day in your life" Conficus (March 1).

More food science stuff later.