Teacher’s Workshop

Last week I attended UD's ITUE's workshop on "Engaging Student Learning". There was more emphasis on assessment and practicalities than there have been in the past. Or may be I am just more interested in that aspect of it now I have been carrying out "cooperative learning" for a number of years.

I enjoyed being with other faculty who consider teaching important. They reaffirm my belief that teaching well using a student centred approach is important. The input from my fellow participants is very helpful as they speak from classroom experience.

My personal take home messages were to:

  • Put individual accountability back into the grading portion of my courses. I seem to have gone to much the other way, especially for "Food for Thought".
  • Check assignments express clearly what I want to students to do
  • Convert rubrics into spreadsheets
  • Get feedback and give feedback both in the classroom and on WebCT.

In the next few days I will be checking over my Food Analysis syllabus and implementing some of those action points.


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