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23 Jan 2006

All Clear

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My oncologist said that all the tests came back normal, so the carcinoid tumor hasn’t spread. I had not realised how worried I was until I heard the good news. Now I can get on with life!

I have to go back in July just to check there haven’t been any changes.


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  1. […] Testing for 5-HIAA frequently gives false positives. In my case, my results are border line normal. They aren’t increasing, but they are slightly above what my oncologist thinks are normal. I am a little puzzled by this as they are lower than those given in the first weblink above, but then I don’t know what units he is using. Fortunately I don’t have any of the symptoms of serotonin syndrome and all the other tests I had in July – various blood tests – came back as normal too. It is a bit nervewracking though not to be given the all clear. He actually said that as I am not showing any of the symptoms  that we will not change the way we were currently managing my ex-carcinoid tumor status. It does mean more tests in January like this year, but I was expecting that anyway. Hopefully the results from these tests will reassure my oncologist and my above average levels can be accepted as normal in the future. […]

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