Knitting up a storm

One advantage of being unable to work due to surgery is that I have more time to knit. Once, that is, I had recovered enough from the surgery itself. This took about three and a half weeks but once I was able to knit, I managed to do quite a bit.

Nov 2005 024.jpgI finished the project that I call “New Orleans Strips�? as most of the yarn was purchased in New Orleans when I was at a conference in July. I made the strips into a poncho loosely based on the design in Sally Melville’s recent book: “The Knitting Experience 3: Color�? p19. Very loosely.

Each strip was knitted in a different lace pattern either from the 2005 Knitting Calendar or from Barbara Walker’s treasury of knitting Volumes 1 & 2. If any one is interested I have the whole design written down and could give the pattern if you email me or leave your email in the comment section of the email.

Thanks to Joy for taking the picture at the last meeting of the Delaware Knitting Knutz.

At the same meeting I purchased some “Wool in the Woods�? yarn. It was actually a kit, but I never like using some one else’s design. I knit so loosely that I nearly always have to redesign the whole pattern any way. My gauge was 2.5 st x 4 rows for inch2 one size US 10 needles. I decided that this gave me the chance to finally try a top down sweater. I decided to start with the first one in Barbara Walker’s Top Down Knitting book and make a raglan. I followed her instructions pretty closely, but I did miscalculate how many stitches to cast on at the neck front, so had to make some adjustments. Here is a self portrait (I hadn’t realized how hard these were to take) for it when I just have the body to finish:

Nov 2005 030.jpgIt turned out to fit really well and you can’t tell that initially I made a shambles of the neck! Eventually, I want it to be quite long so I have at least 5 inches to go before the final border. I have lots of tops I’ve made that just reach the top of the hips. I’ve since come to the conclusion that being short in the body, I need longer tops.

As I’ll have yarn left over (the plus of being a loose knitter), I want to do a hat a mittens to match. A scarf too maybe, if that isn’t just too much of a good thing. I could always wear the hat, scarf and mittens without the sweater.


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