First week of October

It has been a busy week. I was in Illinois at the NC1023 (Food Processing) meeting at the weekend. I came away with lots of new research ideas and encouragement. I need this meeting for annual motivation. I have decided to start learning about nanotechnology. Cristina, at LSU, suggests that analytical and control of nanocompounds would be a interesting research area for me.

I am also encouraged as it seems that very few food scientists in the US, are studying modeling of reaction kinetics. So I need to grow in this area.

My course is going very well. They are a great bunch of students. This week was Food Safety problem. Dr Kali Kniel introduced them to basic food safety on Monday and then on Wed they wrote a press release on an "outbreak" case study she developed. Each group represented a different organization from the CDC to parents of sick patients. The press releases were submitted last night and are excellent. This is turning into being the best Food for Thought class I have taught. Today (Friday) two of Kali's students gave the class more information about the "outbreak". We'll see how the second half goes next week.

I haven't been home much and when I am here, I am exhausted, so the house and garden have been neglected. Murphy the Cat insists on attention and is currently sitting next to me, watching my fingers hit the keys. I went to Hal Jabloner's memorial service this morning. Unfortunately, he died suddenly on Monday night. He had Parkinson's disease, but I can't believe I won't see and talk to him again. The service and funeral were very moving. His poor family, especially my friend Anne, are obviously devastated. I don't like this growing up stuff and having people you love die.