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15 May 2012

Postcard from Delaware

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While it is raining hard today, I did manage to take some good photos earlier this weekend and the garden is looking pretty:
Lots of Flowers in My Garden

21 Jul 2011

Week 22: Hot

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Mum grew lots of cacti. It was an amazing but dangerous collection. This one was particularly spiky and sat near a light switch.

Some like it hot

16 Jul 2011

Garden Flowers

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Garden Jul 15 2011

10 Jun 2011

Week 19: Say it with flowers

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Bugle Weed

Of course this week I was hardly home and also had very few flowers out. It has been a strange spring with large gaps between flowering. The bugle weed above is saying “mow the lawn”

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26 May 2011

Week 18: SOOC – straight out of the camera

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Late Tulip

Most of my pictures have minimal processing, so this was not a new idea for me. Harder than I expected though.

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19 May 2011

Week 17: Architecture

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Garden Design

Garden Design

This week’s theme was architecture and I just never found time to go and visit appropriate buildings.   So I gave up and took a photo of a landscape design.  This was drawn for my garden in 2000 just after I moved in to my current house.  I was lucky that I had ~20 designs drawn by the landscape design students.  This was one of the best.

I didn’t really follow any of the designs as I was able to move things like the AC to the back of the house and put a deck in from the kitchen.  Seeing the designs was very helpful though.  It would be quite useful to have followed a design as at the moment everything is growing so fast that I cannot tell what is lawn and what is flowerbed.

Garden will not stop growing

Garden will not stop growing

The thought of clearing everything up is quite daunting.  When it finally stops raining I will have to divide the garden into square feet and clear one foot at a time.  Otherwise it is a bit deer-in-the headlights and nothing will get done.

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24 Mar 2011

9/52 Diptych

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From seeds to seedlingsI was having a hard time deciding how to do my diptych for the week’s photographic challenge. Last year I went over the top and then I got discouraged about taking photos every week as it took so much time in Photoshop.  This year, I didn’t collaborate and  I did a very simple theme.  I used PowerPoint rather than Photoshop.

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17 Feb 2011

4/52 of 2011: Winter

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Week 4: Winter

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27 Jan 2011

I wish…for a great garden this year

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I am participating in Flickr’s 52 of 2011 group.  The idea is to take one themed photograph during each week of the year.  The group sets the themes. Last year I took part in 52 of 2010 but I seem to have only submitted 10 photos, so I hope I will be more successful in 2011.

It occurred to me that not every one who reads my blog visits my flickr page so I am going to post the pictures here, but a few weeks after they were taken.


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2 Oct 2010

I do exist!

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Or at least flowers still bloom in my garden:
'Mums next to rainbarrel

I bought lots of ‘mums to cheer up the garden.  The garden now has lots of color.

The rain-barrel was newly installed with new gutters in August. I now have three rain-barrels.  However, until last week, we had hardly any rain to speak of, so they weren’t very functional.  After Thursday’s rain, this one in the front,  fell over and squashed the new gutter. Full rain-barrels are heavy.  Sigh.  The ground below the breeze-blocks obviously wasn’t as level as I had thought, despite what the spirit level said.

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